Tame Impala – Solitude Is Bliss tab ver. 2

                         Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss
                        from their 2010 album Innerspeaker

This is how to play Solitude Is Bliss. The strumming pattern is also included
just above the tab (D means down, U means up), which is important in getting
it to sound correct:

Intro/main riff: D DU D DU D D D D U D D U D De---------------------------------------------|B-7-77-7-77-7-5---10--10-10--10--12-12--12--7-|G-7-77-7-77-7-5---10--10-10--10--12-12--12--7-|D-7-77-7-77-7-5---10--10-10--10--12-12--12--7-|A-5-55-5-55-5-3---8---8--8---8---10-10--10--5-|E---------------------------------------------|
Verse riffe----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D----------------------------|A----------------------------|E-10-10-10-10-10-12\10-10-10-|
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