Tame Impala - Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind tab version 2

			     WHY WON'T YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND? - Tame Impala
Tabbed by: Zooey Glass

Tuning: Standard


Guitar 1

w/ phaser and reverb

Guitar 2
w/distortion, reverb and some octave generator???e|-------------------------------------------|B|--------------------13/10------------------|G|-9-10-7-10-10/14----------10-7/9-----------|D|-------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------|
Am A# Why won't you make up your mind? Em F Give me a sign! Am A# Why won't you make up your mind? Em F Give me a sign! Am A# Am I wasting my time? Em F Living in my head? Am A# You'll be sorry when I Em F Make up mine instead. Riff 2 w/lots of fuzz
There are some bendings but I dont know how to tab them.
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