Tammy Wynette – I Dont Wanna Play House chords

For all you classic country fans. 
C G C Today I sat alone by the window
G And I watched our little girl outside at play
F with the little boy next door.
C Like so many times before
D G But somethin' didn't seem quite right today
C G C So I went outside to see what they were doin'
E Am C And then the tear drops made my eyes grow dim.
F 'Cause I heard him name the game
CAnd I hung my head in shame
G C When I heard our little girl say to him
F I don't wanna play house,
CI know it can't be fun;
G F I watched Mommy and Daddy
C G CAnd if that's the way it's done,
FI don't wanna play house
C It makes my Mommy cry
G C Cause when she played house my Daddy said goodbye
[Repeat Chorus once] The last "Goodbye"
C F CGoodbye
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