Tammy Wynette - Lets Get Together One Last Time chords

Letís Get Together (One Last Time)

F Am F AmYou love her, I love him
F Gm Am Bb Cm FBut here we are, the music soft, the lights go dim
F D# Bb C F Letís get to-gether one last time
A Dm Tonightís the night itíll be alright
G GmYou can hold me tight till the morning light
She loves you, he love him Tomorrow night just wonít be right, we wonít refrain Letís get together one last time Cause we canít break the vows weíll make
G Gm C7 FSo for old times sake Iím yours to take one last time
C7 F C7 FOne last time, one last time
by: Josť Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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