Tammy Wynette - You And Me chords

You And Me

Intro:  Cm   Bbm  Bb  D#7

G# D#7 G#I can hear the rain it's falling softly
F7 Bb As I watch him lying next to me
G# D#7 G#I can feel his heart its beating softly
Cm Bbm Bb D#7 G#He just loved me so tenderly but it should be you and me
When he touches me I feel your fingers And each time we kiss I see your face
G# D#7When he locks the door behind us
G# C#Then he thinks the world can't find us
Cm Bbm Bb D#7 G#But he can't say no he can't say that it should be you and me
So I'll just close my eyes and dream about you Cause every time I dream you're always there Then you'll lock the door behind us And in my dreams the world can't find us And it will be so real to me, it's finally you and me by: Josť Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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