Tammy Wynette - The Joy Of Being A Woman chords

The Joy of Being a Woman 

Bb Dm Gm Bb See our baby on the swing, hear her there, hear her sing
Cm Cm\B Knowing that she came from me
Cm\Bb F BbFills my heart with joy to be a woman
See her daddy with our child hear his laughter see him smile Sharin' all his love with me Fills my heart with joy to be a woman
D F#m D I thank God each and every night for he's given me the right
Gm D Bb To know love, to give love and to be loved
D# Gm D# And with every passing day my love grows strong in every way
G# G#m D#And I found the joy of being a woman
Verse 1 by: Josť Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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