Tammy Wynette – You Never Knew chords

You Never Knew

D A D G D A D I fell in love the day we met but you never knew
A D G D A D You thought that I was just a friend cause you never knew
Em DI used to look at you but I couldn’t touch
F#7 BmBut now I’m touching you tonight
Em D A I used to be the only one who was filled with desire
G A But tonight you’re on fire
D G D G You never knew how much I needed you to feel
D A DThis crazy way I feel for you
G D G Out of the blue you think this love has come to you
C G A D A D G DBut it’s been long and overdue, you never knew
Chorus You never knew how much... by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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