Tammy Wynette – Love Survived chords

Love Survived

G F EThe odds we wouldn’t make it were a million or more to one
C Am DThe chance we’d stay together was something less than none
G F EYou know we’ve hurt each other many times
C FAnd more then once we reached the point where love was on the run
Bb Dm D# FI guess that we just had to see how much our love could take
Bb Dm D# FWe tried until we bend it but we’d never let it break
Bb G# GAnd, babe, the feeling’s still alive
D# F Bb G# D# DFor through it all our love survived
Right at first we didn’t know what love was all about We wore it pretty thin but we never wore it out We loved each other even when it hurt For we both knew if love fell through that nothing could be worse Chorus +: Through it all our love survived by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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