Tammy Wynette – Whats A Couple More chords

What’s a Couple More

C Dm7 G C After a thousand hurts, what’s a couple more?
F GIt hasn’t killed me yet but who can tell
C Dm7 G C At least I know the risk, I’ve been there before
F G G7There ain’t nobody else right now so I guess I might as well
Dm7 G C F Dance one more dance with you, take one more chance with you
Dm7 G C A7 Waste one more night with you like all the nights before
Dm7 G C FA thousand tears won’t win you, a thousand years won’t change you
Dm7 G C C# Dm GBut once you’ve shared a thousand tears what’s a couple more
And after a thousand lies, what’s a couple more? Tell me just the ones you know I’ll bite Make me think that I’ve got a chance for sure Put a smile upon my face so I won’t have to cry till I’ve Chorus 2X by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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