Tammy Wynette – Your Shining Face chords

Your Shinning Face
F Am DmI felt a weight this morning and thought I saw the sun on its way down
G And this evening when the sun got bright
Bb CI realized that I’d been turned around
F Am DmSo Lord, I come again to ask you what it is and where it is I’ve been
G And if my hands were dirty, Lord,
Bb C FI’d love to touch your shinning face again
D# FFor I touched it as a child, I could feel it for my brother
D# FAnd I saw it smiling gently, your shining face amongst the flowers
And I recall the times when I could come to you with open heart and mind Knowing I could ask you Lord to lead me through the valley one more time So now I stand before you, Lord, to pray that you’d wash away my sins And if I cleanse my dirty hands I’d love to touch your shinning face again Chorus by: José Duarte jtduarte1@gmail.com
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