Tapes N Tapes - Hang Them All tab

The newest song from Tapes n' Tapes.  Enjoy!

Gm x2 Am x2

Gm Tale was full of rocks and sand Am and all you ever needed was a hand Gm I was drawn upon your hands Am and holding on for strangeness just for friends Gm grow x4 Am for more x4 Bb and heads x4 Am will roll x4 Gm Bb D# are your heads on high? Gm Bb Cm you're waitin' for a conversation Gm Bb D# are you gonna tow that line? Gm Bb Cm x 3 and, are you healin'? (Intro riff) Gm What you might believe before Am and you might believe in when the tide runs, runs Gm All you are the best of friends Am and all you offered at all with the sides run, round Gm I saw x4 Am I had x4 Bb These times x4 Am I roll x2 Bb And when you come back, I'll come runnin' Gm Bb D# With your hearts set high Gm Bb Cm It's a marriage made for condescending Gm Bb D# Are you gonna hold that line? Gm Bb Cm And, are you holdin', are you crimp? (same as last verse) I put all my heads on high Waitin' for a conversation Are you gonna tow that line? And, are you healin', are you healin', are you feelin' D# Bb Hang them all x4 Cm Need you, needed something D# Bb hang them all x4 Cm They need you, bleed for something D# Bb hang them all x8 End on Am
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