Tapes N Tapes - Just Drums tab

Just Drums by Tapes 'N Tapes
The Loon, 2006

Tabbed by Thomas Buhler
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Play with Capo on 4th fret. All chords and tabs relative to tuning.

Chords (uncommon):
Am7/G : 302010 
Asus4 : x02230

Am Am7/G (x4) VERSE 1: Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Forget calls to teacher. Forget calls in line. Am Am7/G Am Am7/G We fall off furry creatures. Fall off all the time. Am Am7/G Am Am7/G And itís not your headdress. Itís not your hide. Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Itís feeling the cold. Itís feeling the cold. BRIDGE: B These things that we donít talk about, C B Am Am7/G Am Am7/G breathe about. Do I? No. VERSE 2: Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Take me over. Take it over time. Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Your needs keep talking. Your pets they lie. BRIDGE: B These things weíve never seen before C B Am come and meet you, come and fight you. You know they do. CHORUS (x2): Am Asus4 Am Asus4 Am Reeling in fog. Kneeling in fog. G G# Am Iíve been really better under lock. INTRO (x1) VERSE 3: Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Come on over the side. Come on over. Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Take the leave for bread and the leave for brine. BRIDGE: B C B It seems to me weíve been lying here all night all night all night Am Am7/G Am Am7/G all night all night. VERSE 4: Am Am7/G Am Am7/G And bait and bows and sows and troughs. Am Am7/G Am Am7/G Iíve coughed enough and Iíve walked as much. BRIDGE: B C B Am Come to me in metaphor. Weíve met before and I was all in spades. CHORUS (x2) BREAK: C C/B Am (x4) Am G (x4) Am OUTRO (x3): Am7/G Am When you feel the fog, Asus4 Am It takes all the fog. Asus4 Am I canít break the fog. G G# Am (End on: Am on 3rd time) Iíve been really better under lock.
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