Taproot - Again Amp Again tab


Transcribed by : Tyler Edwards
This song is fairly easy. just gotta listen and pick it up it is in dropped 
d tuning (D,A,D,G) It has an awesome chorus riff bcuz of what phil does. 
here it is.

INTRO & VERSE ^^^^^ ^^^^^G|-----------------------------|D|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------|D|-9/-7\-9-9-9--9-9-9H10-10-10-|
CHORUS ^^^^^^G|-----------------------------------|D|-------------------5H7---5H7---5H7-|A|-----------------5-----5-----5-----|D|-9--9--99-4--7-5-------------------|
INTERLUDE ^^^^^^^^^G|----------------|D|----------------|A|-5-0---3--5-5-5-|D|----------------|
THATS ALL! if u have any questions or comments email me at korn4_@hotmail.com or catch me on icq my number is 37134476
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