Tarja Turunen - I Feel Immortal chords version 1

I feel Immortal - Tarja Turunen
C#mWhenever I wake up
AI'm lost and always afraid
C#mIt's never the same place
AI close my eyes to escape
The walls around me
F#mAnd I drift away
Inside de silence
DOvertakes the pain
And in my dreams Estribillo:
C#m AI feel immortal
EI am not scared
BNo, I'm not scared
C#m AI feel immortal
EWhen I'm there
BWhen I'm there
C#mWhenever I wake up
AThe shards of us cut within
C#mAlways the same day
AFrozen out in the fringe
F#mI surrender to the sleep
And leave the hurt behind me
DThere's no death to fear
And in my dreams :Repite Estribillo:
C#mSo far or right beside me
ASo close, but they can't find me
F#mSlowly, time forgets me
BI am only, only dreaming
:Repite Estribillo:
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