Tarkio – Caroline Ave tab

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Artist: Tarkio
 Album: Omnibus
  Song: Caroline Avenue

Tabbed by: Mike K (mikekrieger@gmail.com) from http://www.decemberists.com/orate

This intro is hard to tab since it's so 'loose'. Basically, the single
notes below are ones you should emphasize between the strumming -
give it some practice and it will sound right.

The D throughout can often be replaced by a Dsus2 (x00230) or just D without a 3rd (x0023x), and the A can be played as the Asus4 above (x02230) or (x02x30) Intro: D A D A D The things you said - were they true? Em A Bm 'Cos I haven't got a clue F#m G And wouldn't know, if they were not true D A D 'Cos I am here paper doll Em A Bm I am waiting for your call F#m G But I won't wait until tomorrow Em A So hard to mention Bm G When you're in my [shoes] Em A Asus4 But I'm tired of riding shotgun for you D A As we light down Caroline Avenue Bm G Time will tell you that you're Em A Bm Thinking that you're right when you are wrong G A And I'm thinking that this evening won't last Bm G D A Long, no no. 'Cos I'm getting pretty tired Bm G Of you waxing so inspired D A D 'Bout the lights down Caroline Avenue Repeat Intro Serves you right, to feel this way Be so clinically deranged But I won't stand for all your bullshit So take your time, cos we've got time Remember what is yours is mine Don't let it slide by the way-side Reeling from the tension It's all ending here And I'm chasing shots of whiskey with Everclear Repeat Chorus F# G D Dsus4 D And you're trying so hard F# G But it takes more than just A A/G F#m Em D Flipping off traffic cops to impress me Repeat Intro (You underestimate me) Emptied out, fallen free It will catch up with me And I'm [?] impatient But I will wait, if you decide It's all over bar the tide And I will stay behind 'till you decide Carry me till daylight With your wisdom [fair?] Till tomorrow finds me shoeless in jail Repeat Chorus
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