Tat – I Dont Wann Love You tab

I Dont Wanna Love You - TAT

Sorry havent figure the solo out yet - this is just the basic idea

This is my first ever tab so sorry if it sucks - ive uploaded a poor video with just the 
on so you can get the idea and listen to how i play it -http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=iAUXpueik48

Nothing really complicated just a bit on palm muting here and there - Enjoy

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E|-----------|B|-----------|G|--7--------|D|--7-9-5----| x2A|--5-9-5----|E|----7-3----|
VerseE|-----------|B|-----------|G|--7--------|D|--7-9-5-7--|A|--5-9-5-7--| x 4 all palm mute except for "and what you wanna do"E|----7-3-5--|
ChorusE|-----------|B|-----------|G|--7--------|D|--7-9-5----| x3A|--5-9-5----|E|----7-3----|
Last part of chousE|-----------|B|-----------|G|--7--------|D|--7-9-5-7--|A|--5-9-5-7--|E|----7-3-5--|
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