Taxiride - 72 Hour Daze tab 
   72 Hour Daze 
   Title: 72 Hour Daze 
   Written and Performed by: Taxiride 
   Album: Imaginate 
   Tabs: Baltasar Hinojosa ( 

   Chords used in this song (From low to high): 

   E = 022100 
   D = xx0232 
   B = x24422 
   A = x02220 
   Am = x02210 
   F# = 244322 


   It's a Lovely Day today 
   So why do i feel strange 
   Wasting away, i am dry 
A|-------0-2-3---3-2-3-2-3-2-3-2(hammer on and pull off) E|-0-2-3--------------------------
The sunlight in your eyes is melting me Cause everywhere i look it's all i see ====== Chorus ======= E B (So I find) Dreaming of another place A to wash away the pain Am so i can find a way ===================== Interlude (E,D,A) <----during horn parts ==================== ============= Bridge 1 ============= B F# You would never have to be without you now Am didn't have to let me go E only had to let me know (to pre-chorus) ============ Bridge 2 (End) ============= E D I can hold on for another day A I can hold on E I can hold on
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