Taxiride – Rachel tab

R a c h e l 
   Title: Rachel 
   Written and Performed by: Taxiride 
   Album: Imaginate 
   Tabs: Baltasar Hinojosa ( 

   This is just the rythm part for the song played by 
   Jason Singh i believe. 
   hords used (from low to high) 

   E = 022100 
   D = xx0232 
   C = x32010 
   G6 = 332000 
   A6 = 554000 
   G#7= 464444 
   C#7= x46454 

   Intro: Strum an E chord 

   C D E 
   sorry that we never had the time 
   C D 
   making love could of last forever 
   G#7 C#7 
   I will never let you go from the corners of my mind 
   G6 A6 
   never, say never rachel 

   C D E 
   dreaming of the day when you were mine 
   C D 
   could have been so good together 
   G#7 C#7 
   lonely sitting here with just my thoughts beside me now 
   G6 A6 
   never, say never 

   E D 
   When you find the time 
   A E 
   i'd like to nestle in your arms 
   D A 
   tangled in the deepest jungle never been so kind 
   E D A E D A 
   I will be forsake (bridge part) 

   a lesson hard to learn is what i found 
   this difference has grown beetween us 
   i was never one to show the way that my heart lies 
   save me from misery 

   it's taken far too long to realise 
   your'e everything that i could care for 
   this paradise inside will never leave this my of mine 
   together and forever 

   Chorus 2 

   With the lovers touch 
   she will be sending me away 
   Promise of a new beginning 
   each and every day 

   E D A 
   Even when we lie 
   E E A E E D A E 
   We could have been so good together now...... (end) 

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