Taylor James - Mexico tab

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:50:17 -0500
From: Richard Barber 
Subject: TAB:  "Mexico" by James Taylor


by James Taylor 

Transcribed by Rich Barber   gralau@twd.net

Capo 2 frets

I don't have all the notes here but this is 
the basic outline

-2-----0-2--------0-0---------------------- -3-3---2-3---3-3--2-2---------0------------ ----2--------4----------------------------- ------------------------------------------- -0-----0-0---2----0-0------2--------------- --------------------------------0----------
-3-2----------0-0--------------------------- -3-3---3-3----2-2---3-3--------3---3-------- -2-2---4--4-------------------------------- -------------------------------------0----- -0-0---2------0-0---2-2------2---3---------- -------------------------------------------
play twice Dsus4 D A G Way down here you need a reason to move Dsus4 D A G Feel a fool running your stateside games Dsus4 D A G Lose your load, leave your mind behind, Baby James D-E B A Oh, Mexico C#m B A E It sounds so simple I just got to go C#m B A C#m The sun's so hot I forgot to go home Em7 A E Guess I'll have to go now
------------------------------------------- -----0------------------------------------- -1-2---0H1--------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- --------------------0---------------------- -0-----0------2-3-4------------------------
"Americano" got the sleepy eye But his body's still shaking like a live wire Sleepy "Se¤orita" with the eyes on fire Oh, Mexico It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low Moon's so bright like to light up the night Make everything all right
---------------0-------------------0------- -/3-3-3-3---2--0----/3-3-3-3---2---0------- -/4-4-4-4---2-------/4-4-4-4---2----------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- -/3-3-3-3---0--0----/3-3-3-3---0---0-------
------------------2-/-4------------------- --7-7-7-7--7------3-/-5------------------- --4-4-4-4--4------------------------------ ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- --4-4-4-4--4------2-/-4-------------------
---------------0--------------------------- -/3-3-3-3---2--0--------------------------- -/4-4-4-4---2------------------------------ ------------------------------------------- ----------------------------0-------------- -/3-3-3-3---0--0------2-3-4----------------
Baby's hungry and the money's all gone The folks back home don't want to talk on the phone She gets a long letter, sends back a postcard; times are hard Oh, down in Mexico I never really been so I don't really know Oh, Mexico I guess I'll have to go Oh, Mexico I never really been but I'd sure like to go Oh, Mexico I guess I'll have to go now
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