Taylor Mitchell – Ride Into The Sunset chords

Key of G, Capo 1

G Em  C     Am G


G                     Em

Well my trial's but a memory

    C          Am

My torch but a lie

   G              Em

It appears I misjudged you

       C            Am

Out of mind, out of sight

      G           Em

You begged my forgiveness

         C                  Am

But your bag you can't release

         G                  Em

Now your bag is packed and bundled

         C          Am

How its size has decreased

        Em          C           Em          C

Without me, without me, without me, without meee...

                Am           G

You packed your bags without me

       G                   Em

Well I watched you from my window

      C             Am

Wind tossing your hair

       G               Em

As you walked out the garden

      C               Am

To a prairie cold and bare

         G               Em

With low clouds grey and empty

     C                    Am

Like smoke tangled in the trees

       G                Em

Now I smell it on my shoulder

      C                Am

Your kiss will comfort me

        Em          C          Em           C

Comfort me, Comfort me, comfort me, comfort meeee...

       C           Am             G

That's where your kiss'll comfort me

      G              Em

Your leaving me my darling

     C            Am

I have to let you go

     G                   Em

And you leave me with my sorrow

    C                  Am

My freedom's all I'll know

         G                  Em

But I'll wave good bye behind you

     C                Am

I'll wish you all my best

      G              Em

As you ride into the sunset

     C             Am

This gentle silence rests ...

      Em          C          Em         C          Em        C          Em

around me, Around me, around me, around me, around me, around me, around me


Around meeeee....

C     Am                  G

This silence rests around me
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