Taylor Swift - Lucky You tab

This is pretty much what I got. Any questions fly me a message.


G Cadd9 D x4

G         Cadd9   D                  G
There's a little girl in this little town
       Cadd9     D                G
with a little to much heart to go around
     Cadd9   D               G        
live forever never say never you can do
Cadd9  D
better that's what she says

G                   Cadd9       D
Her momma named her lucky on a starlit night
         G           Cadd9      D  
a rabbit foot in her pocket she dances and
              G               Cadd9
smile and the fact that she's different
and yet she's the same

And She says
G  Cadd9   D  x3
do do do do do do do....
G Cadd9 D
Lucky You
Lucky you

G Cadd9 D  x4

G             Cadd9   D              G         
She sings her little songs she walks along
  Cadd9    D                    G
a little halfway headed for the skies
        Cadd9   D             
left to travel lives they unravel
G         Cadd9  D
mind over matter that's what she says

Chorus and so on

G            Cadd9    D
Maybe she'll sing you do do do do
G            Cadd9     D
Maybe she'll bring you in to the
      G            Cadd9    
skies honey she'll love you 
D                   G       Cadd9
funny how some view angels above
you ain't so far away
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