Taylor Swift - Superstar tab


Pattern A

Static fingering between D and Ae|-----2-----------0-----------------|B|-------3-------2---2---------------|G|---2-----2---2-------2----(repeat)-|D|-0---------2-----------2-----------|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
Pattern BFingering D, A, Bm, De|-----2-----------0----------2-----------0----------------|B|-------3-------2---2----------3-------2---2--------------|G|---2-----2---2------2-----4-----4---2-------2--(repeat)-|D|-0---------2----------2-4---------2-----------2----------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
Play pattern A four times for the intro and then move into pattern B for the verse - still sound fine if you continue playing pattern A throughout the verse if you're lazy or not into playing barre chords.
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