Taylor Swift – American Girl chords

I'm sorry if its not perfect, I play by ear. If you have any thing you would want 
to tell me about this chart please email me. :p


No capo

Verse 1
E C#m F#Well she was an American girl
A B Raised on proses
E F# She couldnt help thinkin that there
AWas a little more to life
BSomewhere else
EAfter all it was a great big world
A F#m With lots of places to run to
Band if she had to die
BTryin she had one little promise
B AShe was gonna keep
B EOh yeah, all right
C#mTake it easy baby
EMake it last all night
B EShe was an American girl
Verse 2
E F#It was kind of cold that night
A BShe stood alone on her balcony
E F# She could the cars roll by
AmOut on 441
BLike waves crashin in the beach
D# EAnd for one desperate moment there
A F#mHe crept back in her memory
BGod its so painful
Something thats so close And still so far out of reach Chorus
A B EOh yeah, all right
C#mTake it easy baby
Make it last all night
A B E She was an American girl
A B E Chorus
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