Taylor Swift – Youre Not Sorry Live tab ver. 3

This is one of my favorite song of her, i love this song so much!!!! c",)

intro: 2x-----------------------------------0-----------|------0---------0--------0-----------3---------|--------0---------0--------0-----2-------------|---2---------2-----------------0---------------|-2---------3----------2------------------------|--------------------3--------------------------|Same through verseS,for the chorus Em7, C9, G, D, (5x),repeat intro,verse,then solo(same as chorus chords,I'm working on the solo tab justout for the update),bridge same as the chorus chord (2x) but strum the first part once,thennormally the second part then at D chord strum it once(break),then repeat chorus,for the play again the intro 2x also then strum G once.
That's all guys,just watch Taylor Swift live,here's the link PLS. rate and comment/suggest,for me to know what are your reaction guys, and to if there's at my first tab,PLS. PLS. rate 'cos it's my first tab. I'm just bored so I do this,and also to share it with you,so long,THANKS,once again pls and comment,hehe,plssssssssss!!!! ;)
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