Taylor Swift - Ours tab

hi:D this is my first tab!!:D i hope you guys like it :D
p.s. please rate!!!:D

this song's tab is not that difficult:D i think everyone can play if they know the melody:D
p.s. no need to use capo:D


e|---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----5--------5-------5--6--5----------5---------5-------5-----------| G|-5-7-------5-7----5-7--------------5-7-------5-7-----5-7-------------| D|---------7---------------------------------7-----------------7--5----| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
e|--------------------------------------------------------| B|-5---6-5------------6--5-55-----------5--8--5-----65----| G|------------5------------------5--7---------------------| D|----------------7---------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------|
if you think the tabs are difficult,do it my way :D first. i'll teach you how to play the simple DO(1) RE(2) MI(3). (the numbers on the top of the tabs are the numbers of the FRET:D)
1 ~ 4 5 6 7 8 e|---|---|---------|--LA(6)--|---------|--TI(7)--|--DO(1)--| B|---|---|---------|--MI(3)--|--FA(4)--|---------|--SO(5)--| G|---|---|--TI(7)--|--DO(1)--|---------|--RE(2)--|---------| D|---|---|---------|--SO(5)--|---------|--LA(6)--|---------| A|---|---|---------|--RE(2)--|---------|--MI(3)--|--FA(4)--| E|---|---|---------|---------|---------|---------|--DO(1)--|
the middle DO(1) is on string G, 5th fret, the lower DO(1) is on string E, 8th fret and the higher DO(1) is on string e,8th fret :D okay. if u can play the DO RE MI, it's time to play the song:D in this song, u'll have play: middle DO(1), middle RE(2)(string G 7th fret), middle MI(3)(string B 5th fret),middle FA(4)(string B 6th frt),middle SO(5)(string B 8th fret),lower LA(6)(string D 7th fret) and lower SO(5)(string D 5th fret)
play 4beat per bar :D ~INTRO~ |-123|6123|-123|4-3-| |-123|6123|-123|6-5-|
6 and 5 are lower LA and lower SO. ~BRIDGE~
|3--4|316-|4333|1-2---| |3-5-|3---|43---------|
5 is middle SO,6 is lower LA pretty easy don't you think?? i spent 1 hour to do this... so plaease like it:D and thanks for watching:D enjoy!
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