Taylor Swift – What Do You Say chords

capo 6   intro:
G DWhat do you say, when you just know
C EmThat he's the one, and you wanna go fast
DBut he's taking it slow
G DAnd what do you do, when he's next to you
CBut he's a little bit shy
Em DWell here's something you can try
G CHey, hey what do you say
Em DWe go walking down the river all together
G CIt's a warm May beautiful day
Em And I feel like I could
DTalk to you forever
DWith the sun shining bright
Dsus4 CIt feels just like a day
GWhen everything's gonna go just right
D I know it will be a sweet memory
Dsus4 C CFor you and me someday
What do you say? G
G DWhat do you see, when you look in his eyes
CThere's something there
EmThat he can't disguise
DNo matter how he tries
G DAnd what do you feel, when you know its real
CAnd you can't sit still
Em DIf you don't own up will yeah
(CHORUS- same as before )
Em D Dsus4 Em D Dsus4My imaginations, running away
Em D Dsus4Just dreaming about
D Dsus4 *What I want you to say
(Instrumental- G - D - C - Em - D ( 4 beats per chord, exceptEm and D at the end of the pattern each get 2 beats)
G D C Em DWhat do you say?
(same chord pattern next two lines) what do you say? What do you say? music fades out.. End * you can just play D or Dsus4, but i like to play D with my pinky on the 5th fret of the high E string, because that note goes well with what Taylor sings. You will probably want to listen to the song first to get a feel of what chords to play when. :) The strumming is kind of hard to hear so whatever is best for you:) any questions my email is ebeth222@hotmail.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa_2Fk530hI - song
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