Taylor Swift - You Dont Have To tab

	              YOU DONíT HAVE TO Ė Taylor Swift
Tabbed by: Steph
Email: clichedplatitude@hotmail.com

Tuning: standard

**Chords: (I just wrote the basic chord over the lyrics)
C(add9) D(sus4) G Em(7sus) A7e|----3------3-----3-----3------0------|B|----3------3-----3-----3------1------|G|----0------2-----0-----0------0------|D|----2------0-----0-----2------2------|A|----3------x-----2-----2------0------|E|----x------x-----3-----0------x------|
C D G Em You donít have to call me and say youíre sorry C D G Em Iím already gone C D G Em You donít have to call me and break my heart C D A7 C G Each time I try moving on, oh C G You donít have to call D Em C G anymore, oh yeah D C G You donít have to call, baby. *Picking Pattern is mainly plucking the root note than strumming the rest of the chord.* Alternatively:
Also, the Cadd9 is often played like this:e|--3(3)-----|B|--3(3)-----|G|--0(0)-----|D|--0/2------|A|--0/3------|E|-----------|
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