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From the album The Edges of Twilight on EMI records
Transcribed by Mark Wiebe

Tuned from low to high  D G D G B D

This song has some other weird instruments in it but
this is how I play the guitar part (he probably uses 
a twelve string on the album.) This transcription is 
probably not to accurate and you'll have to listen to 
the song for the timing but I think it should give you 
the basic idea.

======================================================================== How it goes together ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fig.1 x 4 Fig.2 Silent spirit walks before me Fig.3 With her beauty and with her eyes Fig.2 Heaven help me I feel I'm fading Fig.3 I should be rest here for a while Fig.1 x 4 Fig.2 In the dream time I'm awakened Fig.3 As my senses seize the night Fig.2 Heaven help me I'm forsaken Fig.3 I should rest here for a while Fig.4 Fig.5 Fig.4 Fig.6 Fig.7 And lie in the bed you've made ophelia Fig.8 Dry are the lips that lost their taste of love Fig.7 Drown in the waters that would give you life Fig.8 Cry as this lamentation thrusts its knife Fig.9 x 8 In silence... silence... silence Fig.1 x 4 =============================================================== Send comments, criticism to rwiebe@mindlink.bc.ca From: lmsmith@calvin.stemnet.nf.ca (Larry M. Smith) Date: 16 Jul 1995 17:21:58 GMT Subject: TAB: Silence by the Tea Party Here's something I've been working at for a little while now. Song: SILENCE Artist: THE TEA PARTY Tabbed by: KRIST SMITH ----------------------- This song uses another cool tuning (I think it's something like open Gsus2/D or something): e tuned down to d B tuned down to A G left the same D left the same A tuned down to G E tuned down to D There are a lot of instruments in on this, so I'm VERY likely wrong. This is just MY interpretation. The timing is probably wrong (I'm not that good). It's just four dashes (-) for every quarter note. This is just a guess, but I think it's in 4/4 timing (please correct me). INTRO:
(4 times) Bb G Bb G F Gd|-------------------|A|-------------------|G|o-3-0-0-3-0-0---0-o|D|o-3-0-0-3-0-0-3-0-o|A|--3-0-0-3-0-0-5-0--|E|--------------3----|
VERSE: (G) (Strum these)d|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|A|---2---3---6---5--|--8---6---5---3--|--2---3---6---5--|--2---3---0-------|G|o--0---0---0---0--|--0---0---0---0--|--0---0---0---0--|--0---0---0------o|D|o--0---0---0---0--|--0---0---0---0--|--0---0---0---0--|--0---0---0------o|A|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|E|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------| Si-lent spirit watch me for me with her beauty and with her eyes
Heaven help me I feel I'm fading I should rest here for a while (INTRO riff again) VERSE riff over In the springtime I'm awakened as my spirits sieze the night Heaven help me I'm foresaken I should rest here for a while BRIDGE: (For the beginning, just improvise by playing assorted notes on the B (A) string and the two lower ones open [like the verse], but remember to keep them in scale-just fool around with it).
(4 times) (G)d|---9---9---9---9-10--|-9----------------------|A|--10--10--10--10-10--|10-12-10--8---12---10---|G|o--0---0---0---0--0--|-0--0--0--0----0----0--o|A|o-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)(0)-|(0)(0)(0)(0)--(0)--(0)-o|D|---------------------|------------------------|E|---------------------|------------------------| (I don't know the lyrics. Anyone?)
(8 times)d|------------------|A|--5-----7-----8---|G|o-0-----0-----0--o|A|o-0-----0-----0--o|D|------------------|E|------------------| - In si - lence In si - lence si - lence
INTRO riff VERSE 1 again INTRO riff twice over - In silence In silence silence! ------- Well, that's my interpretation. Corrections/lyrics are requested. Anyone want to take the time to type out the lyrics of the rest of the songs from the CD liner? (I don't have it) From: sc.kramer@technet.iaf.nl Date: Sat, 19 Aug 95 10:14:26 Subject: lyr:silence.tab (Tea Party) SILENCE by THE TEA PARTY Here are the lyrics (please append to SILENCE.TAB by Krist Smith) : Silent spirit walks before me With her beauty and with her eyes Heaven help me I feel I'm fading I should be rest here For a while In the dreamtime I'm awakened As my senses seize the night Heaven help me I'm forsaken I should rest here For a while And lie in the bed you've made ophelia Dry are the lips that lost their taste of love Drown in the waters that would give you life Cry as this lamentation thrusts its knife In silence In silence SILENCE
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