Tea Party - A Slight Attack tab

A Slight Attack - The Tea Party

Tuning : E B E E B E

Intro : dist. electric gtr.|------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------||--0-1-0---4--5--7--8---0-1-0---4--5--7--5-||--0-1-0---4--5--7--8---0-1-0---4--5--7--5-| x 2|------------------------------------------||--0-1-0---4--5--7--8---0-1-0---4--5--7--5-|
Verse : heavy distortion
*|----------(0)-----------------------------------------------||----------(0)-----------------------------------------------||-0-0h1p0---4-4--5-5--7-7--8-8--0-0h1p0---4-4--5-5--7-7--5-5-||-0-0h1p0---4-4--5-5--7-7--8-8--0-0h1p0---4-4--5-5--7-7--5-5-| x 2|------------------------------------------------------------||-0-0h1p0---4-4--5-5--7-7--8-8--0-0h1p0---4-4--5-5--7-7--5-5-|
* you can play the open strings indicated throughout for effect if you like. 1. demonic little love god do you want to see me bleed anarchistic little beggar man now you want a piece of me you're just a lot of talk with not a lot of sense (here comes) another slight attack it's got you hanging from the fence Chorus :
|------------------| |-----------------||------------------| |-----------------||--7--10--8--7--5--| |--4--5--4--1--4--||--7--10--8--7--5--|x3 |--4--5--4--1--4--||------------------| |-----------------||--7--10--8--7--5--| |--4--5--4--1--4--|
2. oh the tears will fall and the tears will fall you say these tears will was away the stains Verse : 3. you're just a chronic little liar a sentinel of farce integrity's a fairytale it makes me wonder who you are it's just another creed shame it's gone to seed here comes another slight attack it could be the thing you need Chorus Bridge : Keybd. (arranged for gtr.)
4. tell me now do you feel no shame when it all falls through will you feel this way? Verse Chorus Bridge x2 Interlude
|--7--8------7--8-----7--8--||--------10--------10-------||---------------------------||---------------------------| x4|---------------------------||---------------------------|
|--4--5-----4--5-----4--5---||--------6--------6---------||---------------------------| x12|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------|
note : there are a lot of crazy effects going on in the background. Bridge Verse
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