Team Me – Weathervanes And Chemicals chords ver. 2

E AAs the mountain melts together with the sunrise
B AYou talk about the time
E Awhen you turned yourself into a stranger
B AAnd all the chemicals were dancing in your blood
E AWhen you dear suddenly felt seasick
B ABecause you thought all lies were revealed
E AAnd the thing that I felt when you told me
B Aabout that house with that singing weathervane
Ah... (E A A B)
E AOh, determined heart please translate it!
B AThese cryptic messages hidden in between
E Aher moon and her sky and her oceans
B A'cause I don't seem to understand them anymore
E ANow the bachelor seems to wind up in the corner
B AAnd his army of lovers they have left
E AAnd the breakman is obviously sleeping
B A'cause his train is going faster than light
Ah... (E A A B)
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