Team Me - Fool tab version 1

                              FOOL - Team Me
Tabbed by: _mariaines

Tuning: Open D (DADF#AD)
Capo 10

Took me forever to find the tab of how he plays the verses. Not too
difficult once you get the fingering down. Beautiful song.

Credit to this norwegian tab site:

D      000000
E      222222
F#m    4443xx
A      00234x


D F#m7 E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------0---------------0---------------0---------------0---------||-----------------------------------2-----------------------------------||---2h4-------------2---------------------------------------------------||---------0---------------0---------------2-------------0h2-2---2h4-----||---0---0---0---0---4---4---4---4---2---2---2---2---2h4-----------------|
D F#m7 E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------0---------------0---------------0---------------0---------||-----------------------------------2---------------2-------------------||---2h4-------------2---------------------------------------------------||---------0---------------0---------------2---------------2-------------||---0---0---0---0---4---4---4---4---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2-------|
Chorus: D E F#m When the preacher shuts his books F#m A And speaks straight from his heart A E You suddenly see all E D Suddenly feel all E F#m As the four winds get a hold F#m A Of every bone you own A E You suddenly see her E Suddenly feel her
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