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From: IaoVERTIGO@aol.com
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 14:31:33 -0500

(Roland Orzabal / Alan Griffiths)
from the album Elemental


Am9   C    Am9
G    Gsus4    G
F/B    F     F/B
G    E   Gsus4   G   G2
D             / / / / / /   Bm  Em
D             / / / / / /   Bm  Em

Verse One:
Dm9                                            Am                      G
You always said you were the compassionate one
Dm9                                                     Am                G
          But now you're laughing at the sun
Dm9                                                 FMaj7               Am
          With all your high class friends you think you've got it made
Dm9                                                     Gsus4
          The only thing you made was that tanned look on your face
Dm                         G
          With all your cigarettes and fancy cars
Dm7                    Em
          You ain't a clue who or what you are


           Am9      A     Am9
You're dreaming your life away
G    Gsus4      G                     F/B     F    F/B
                          Fish out of water
G     E    Gsus4    G    G2     Am9   Am  Am9
                                     Go swim in the tide today
G    Gsus4      G                      F/B    F    F/B
                          Fish out of water
G     E    Gsus4    G    G2

Verse Two (as verse one):
We used to sit and talk about primsl scream
To exorcise our past was our adolescent dream
But now it's sink or swim since your memory fails
Now in Neptune's kitchen you will be food for killer whales
And on the crucifix his mother made
Hangs one more martyr to the hit parade

(Chorus -- Repeat)

Bsus4         Bm7         Bm9           E
Bsus4         Bm7         Bm9           E

(Chorus -- Repeat)

Am9    Am   Am9                   G     Gsus4    G
                  You're dreaming
F/B      F     F/B           G    E    Gsus4   G    G2


---M. Triana  (iaovertigo@aol.com)
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