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From: IaoVERTIGO@aol.com
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 21:26:28 -0500

(Roland Orzabal)
from the album  Songs From the Big Chair

Verse One: ---------------- FMaj7 Ab I Believe that when the hurting and the pain has gone Gm7 EbMaj7 Gm We will be strong, oh yes we will be strong FMaj7 Ab And I believe that if I'm crying while I write these words Gm7 EbMaj7 Gm Is it absurd or am I being real? FMaj7 Ab I believe that if you knew just what these tears were for Gm7 EbMaj7 They would just pour like every drop of rain Gm/C Ab/D AbMaj7 Ab (Intro) That's why I believe it is too late for anyone to believe Verse Two: ---------------- I believe that if you thought for a moment, took your time You would not resign yourself, resign yourself to your fate And I believe that if it's written in the stars, that's fine I can't deny that I'm a Virgo too I believe that if you're bristling while you hear this song I could be wrong or have I hit a nerve? That's why I believe it is too late for anyone to believe Verse Three: ------------------ I believe that maybe somewhere in the darkness, In the nighttime, in the storm, In the casino Casino Spanish eyes I believe, no I can't believe that every time you hear a newborn scream You just can't see the shaping of a life The shaping of a life (End with intro) ---- M. Triana (iaovertigo@aol.com)
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