Ted Leo - Parallel Or Together tab

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists  Parallel or Together?

See chord diagrams at bottom of page, as all may not be what it seems...

This song has the same pattern throughout, the pattern being:

Dsus2 | A*  | Bm Bm/A | G | F# | Em
Dsus2 | Em* | Bm Bm/A | G | F# | Em 

Verse 1

We're caught in a landslide
A*                        Bm
The minutes come tumbling down
And into an hour's time
G                             F# 
Within which a day's worth of work
Must be planned out and pan out
Em                   Dsus2                
For every week to be worth
The weekends of downtime
Em*                      Bm 
And months of ennui that kills
And years of resentment
G                              F#
Of everyone's contentment, and you
Can't justify it, still

Repeat chord progression x2

Verse 2: Same chords

I tell you my reasons
You don't tell me your inside jokes
Until I've gone bitter on
Every word that you've spoken
And all of your kind words
Amounting to naught but a token
And all their inaction
Will tumble away with the days
And nights of together
As we're really not together at all
But parallel

Verse 3: Same again
Now I'm walking on downtown
In a town that is not my home
And shopping for breakfast
To be eaten all alone
And dreaming of houses
None of them that I own
But that's not my province
That's not for what I am known
So I gather around me
All the little pieces of a song
And fit them where they belong

Verse 4: Yep, same again

So go to your downtown
And bring what you've brought back home
And you never should worry
Your hours will now be as long
As the days that you hurried
And months when it all seemed wrong
And all of the action
Will tumble away with the years
And parallel evenings
And parallel tracks of our tears
And nights of together are where?

Play second progression again, and repeat until the end

So I gather around me
All the little pieces of a song
And fit them where they belong

Dsus2 xx0230
A*    x4x22x
Bm    x24432
Bm/A  x04430
G     355433
F#    244322
Em    022000
Em*   x79987

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