Ted Nugent - Tied Up In Love tab

tabbed by  Fat Bunny Man "The Poo"

Ted Nugen - Tied up in love

Not alot , but it'll get you started

e|-------|}b|-------|}g|-------|}d|3-3/5--|} most of the first parta|3-3/5--|}e|1-1/3--|}
then for the verses : G G G C C C
e|3-3-3-----0-0-0---------------------|b|3-3-3-----1-1-1---------------------|g|0-0-0--3--0-0-0----10-10-10-10------|d|0-0-0--3--2-2-2----10-10-10-10------| repeat as necessary a|2-2-2--1--3-3-3----8--8--8--8-------|e|3-3-3-------------------------------|
again, it's not alot, but it'll get u started from Fat Bunny Man "The Poo"
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