Ted Wulfers – Room For Me tab ver. 2

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Room For Me
by Ted Wulfers
From the Album: In The Spirit 1999.

Ted plays a 12-String on this songChords used in this song (I've seen Ted play the song this way) E B A-------------0-----------0-----0----------------------0-----------7-----5----------------------1-----------8-----6---------------------2-----------9-----7----------------------2-----------x-----x-----------------------0-----------x-----x--------
Intro: E B A E B A E B A E B A Up along the road, I see a man, I see a man lost his head E B A E B A Good for nothing sorrow, I guess he's better off dead E B A E B A So I listen to the children, yeah I listen to 'em listen to them scream E B A E B A Thank God this is a nightmare, man I thought this was a dream E B A Got any room for me E B A Got any room for me E B A Two good eyes can see E B A In the land of the free E B A If you got any room for me E B A Room for me E B A E B A Look into the headlights of the cars that pass me by E B A E B A All they make me want to do is get up and fly E B A E B A So I take a hit from the pumpkin that punches my face E B A E B A You are still a rat if you win the rat race Chorus E B A E B A Swimmin' down the river that flows out of your wound E B A E B A You treat me like a beggar like I'm some sort of cartoon E B A E B A Even when it's hot outside, I feel like I'm going to freeze E B A E B A I don't want to catch your pretty disease Chorus
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