Ted Wulfers – Come tab ver. 2

Ted Wulfers & Beggar's Bridge        www.tedwulfers.com

by Ted Wulfers
From the album: In The Spirit 1999

Capo on 3rd Fret
Chords used in this song

Dm Bb F C---2-----3-------2----0-------------3-----0-------3----2-------------4-----0-------2----2-------------4-----0-------0----2-------------2-----2------------0-------------------3-------X----X----------
Intro: Dm Bb F C Dm Bb F C (Fullband) Dm Bb F C Dm Bb F C Verse 1: Dm Bb F C Daylight ditty in a world gone wrong Oh, no, why can't we just get along Sister, grab your brother and make love through the night Brother, treat your sister right Chorus 1: Bb C F Dm C Come along, we can live so free Fly so high, if you'll only come with me After all we are living in the sun Bb C And that is why we need to come Re-Intro: Dm Bb F C (x2) Verse 2: Dm Bb F C There's a place, it's a place that all of us know But it's a place, a place that some of us go Oh yeah, come along and bring all of your friends I'll be there, I'll be there, oh, I'll see you in end Chorus 2: Punch: Dm Dm Dm Dm Bb Bb Bb Bb F F F F C C C C Dm Dm Dm Dm Bb Bb Bb Bb F F F F C C C C Change: Dm Bb (x 10) We can make it a better place A better place to live We can pray to God, hold the hand of the Devil And find something to give of our all Of ourselves Making sure that love is all we know Live in peace, live in peace And play in laughter's glow Break: Dm Bb F C All the war, all the hate, baby it's so dumb Come with me, come with me Baby, it's now time to Come!!! Verse 3: Same as Verse 1 Chorus 3: Same as Chorus 1 Outro: Dm Bb F C (x4) end on Dm
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