Ted Wulfers – When Nightfall Comes Around tab

Song: When Nightfall Comes Around
Words and Music by: Ted Wulfers 2000beggarsbridgemusic/ASCAP
Performed by: Ted Wulfers and Beggar's Bridge

Chords used in this song:

GE----3------|B----0------|G----0------|D----0------|A--- 2------|E----3------|
Intro. Am7 Em/G Fmaj When nightfall comes around When nightfall comes around Verse 1. C Am What a day today has been, G F I've got the whole world upon my shoulders C Am My future's bright but my face is thin, G F I picked the wrong day to be hungover Am F My time has come C G There's got to be a better way of life Am F My time has come C G An' my time is now Am7 Em/G Fmaj7 When nightfall comes around Am7 Em/G Fmaj7 And daybreak gets you down Am7 Em/G Fmaj7 And you feel like you're the only friend in town Am7 Em/G Fmaj7 When nightfall comes around GG Am Bb E7 GG Am Bb E7 Verse 2. You never know what the nightlife holds The cards are down and the table is rusted I guess the key to growing old Is having lots of fun and not getting busted My time has come There's got to be a better way of life My time has come An' my time is now Chorus 2. Change D Bb D G7 Take me to a higher mountain, skyscraper tell you later (x4) Verse 3. (Repeat verse 1.) Chorus 3. Have fun!!! These are copyrighted lyrics Copyright2000beggarsbridgemusic/ASCAP
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