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Pretty Much The Same
by Ted Wulfers
From the Album: Agave Blue 2002

C Dm Bb F Am--0----1----------1----0----------1----3----3-----1----1------------0----2----3-----2----2------------2----0----3-----3----2-----------3---------1-----3----0-------------------------1-------------
Chorus 1: C Dm Bb F C (x4) You're so pretty but you're pretty much the same girl I knew Verse 1: Am Bb Am Bb Am Bb F C I once loved you, I loved you so bad Now that you're with me, you say goodnight And that's too bad Chorus 2: C Dm Bb F C (x4) Change 1: Bb F Bb F Sure you might have quit smoking And sure you might have cut your hair Dm C Bb C But when I look into your eyes, I still stare, I stare Chorus 3: C Dm Bb F C (x4) Verse 2: Am Bb Am Bb Am Bb F C I once loved you, I could not live without Now that I'm with you, I have my doubts, yeah, I have my doubts Chorus 4: C Dm Bb F C (x4) Change 2: Bb F Bb F I'm lookin' through your photographs Think of all the things I'd have liked to do Dm C Bb C Now I realize I'll never have a chance with you, oh you Chorus 5: C Dm Bb F C (x whatever)
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