Teddy Geiger - Down chords

Intro: D-A-GVerse 1:
Abackyard games were never the same
D AI couldn't keep my girl but i kept your name
AI crashed my car, but I'm still alive
D Aooh you should have been around, to teach me to drive
E D but I don't know much about you
E D and I'm tryin' to live without you
G A but I just keep on falling....
D A Gdown, when you are not around
D A Gso down, lying on the ground
G D Bm A is this a disease or do you ever feel like me?
Verse 2: I saw a picture of you, and you had a guitar so I learned how to play, but I don't wanna be who you are my mother cries alone in her room, two times in a year on December and June (Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus 2x) that's it please rate and comment
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