Teddy Geiger - Seven Days Without You tab

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Tabbed by:Aaron Chan


E           Bm             D
Sitting here counting the hours 
E           Bm              D
Waiting for the sun to kiss the sea 
E           Bm                    D
Paralyzed by the fragrance of the flowers 
G                 A
They remind me of you and me 

E          Bm      D
There's one love in a lifetime 
E        Bm         D
Our two hearts of a kind 
Bm                     D
These three reasons you'll be mine 
G(bar chord)              A
For when five and six are through 
             E        Bm D
Seven days without you, 
             E        Bm D
Seven days without you. 

Making plans just to stop the aching 
Chasing thoughts from a million miles away 
Hypnotized as another dawn is breaking 
I rehearse the words I want to say 


 Bm                                   D
Well I will find a way into your heart 
 Bm                                   A
So let me try and sleep before we know 

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