Teddy Thompson - I Dont Know What I Was Thinking tab

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Teddy Thompson

I dont know what I was thinking

Chords are basic  -- D G A Em .......

                Mess about with the D chord its very easy and run down the notes to Em from the G

I'm in it this way, I'm taking the next train,
Dont know what I was thinking,
I'm bringing you flower's, I'm making it up to you,
Dont know what I was thinking,

I figured it out, I need you,
Dunno why I didnt know it then,
I got it all wrong, I miss you,
Dun no what I was thinking,

When its going along,when there's something beginning,
Thats when I feel I have to end it,
Oh but I was a fool,I was listening to everything,
Except for what my heart was saying,


I know what I said its over,
I know what I want now its you, its you, its you

Lead for 8


Dunno what I was thinking...        to end
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