Teddy Thompson – Altered State tab

  A                      D            A                           D
So far things have been alright, no complaints yae this is the good life

             E            A       D            E     A       F#5  D
But sometimes i need a little bit more just to get off the floor.

A                        G                                   D
   I like to live in an altered state it makes me love all the things i hate

                        A                        G                            
And im happy to be alive.  Dont wanna come off too straight laced i like to

           D                   E               A
 put on my happy face while i cry on the inside


A                      D            A                  D
Is it so hard to be happy that i struggle to feel just ok

E            A             D                   E       A         F#5  D
I need a lift just to get through, just to get up to normal with you

Repeat chorus.
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