Teenage Fanclub – Get Funky tab

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"Get Funky"

Chords/tab by:  Chris Bray  (cbray@comp.uark.edu)
Corrections from: Roger Hawes (100646.667@compuserve.com)

Intro:  Footsteps

"OK.  We're rolling"  (0.08)

(Bass plays these notes:

	D   F Fs  G   B  C BCBC Cs ( back to D )  [ s - sharp ]  )


"Howdy Disco Citizens"  (0.016)

{Guitar enters playing these chords:  D   F  G   A G A G}

{Guitar ends on D chord at 0.33}

{Bass alone over fading D chord until 0.42}


{Riff:   G--7--}   {Play that really fast until  0.58:}

{Guitar enters playing these chords:  D  F  G  A G A G}

Guitar ends on D chord at  1.14

End with lots of handclaps.
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