Teenage Fanclub – Guiding Star tab

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"Guiding Star"

Chords by:  Edwin Ong (glowfly@leland.stanford.edu)


E                A            E
When everything you own is lost
E                  A            E
And every friendship has its cost
E                A                F#m              A
Your rolling stone has gathered moss
E                 A            E
And all your clouds cover the sun
E               A            E
And all your karma has undone
E         A       F#m       A    B
Remember you're my number one

E              A           E
Hey!  You're my guiding star
E           A        E
I do know who you are
E           A         E
You're my guiding star

[ E A E]

E                     A                      E
Don't you think you've heard this song before?
E                    A              B
Jesus Christ was knocking at my door
E               A                  E
Kinda like the way he wears his hair
E              A                  B
Kinda like the way he walks on air
E                  A
Could his golden halo
F#m                A      E
Be the sun we all know?


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