Teenage Fanclub - Norman 3 tab

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From: Leighton Kyle Littlefield (lkl1380@tam2000.tamu.edu)

{Riff}: D-------------0-----0--------------| A-----------2-----0-----2-----2----| E---0--2-3------2----------2-----2-|
D F#m Come on over Em Break some bread G A Close the window {riff} and we'll lay on the bed D F#m If you're the future Em then I'm with you G A Looking forward {riff} to everything that we do D F#m They are stupid Em they don't know G A Going nowhere {riff} but we're ready to go D F#m We're together Em on our way G A Are you ready {riff} for what I'm going to say {Break}: A Ohhhh... D G A \ Yeah, I'm in love with you | G A | Play Chorus 11 times... I'm in love with you | {riff} | and I know that it's you /
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