Teenage Fanclub – My Uptight Life tab

My Uptight Life 

A section of the song (where the guitar slides up and down the fret board in
a weird fashion) is missing, but I reckon these chords are still worthwhile.

C  Asus2    C Asus2    C  Asus2    C  Asus2

C           Asus2              C                         
The morning sun  opens up my eyes
                   Asus2                             C
(What I see is the same world I know you're seeing)
C             Asus2            C 
My dreams are real until I realise 
               Asus2                               C
(Realising's a slow phase from thought to being )
C            Asus2                   C
The waking world is full of cynic's sighs 
             Asus2                     C
(Cynicisms a box I don't wanna be in)
C            Asus2             Em    G
I'll stay in bed until I stabilise 

  Dm                G    G7  Dm               G     G7
I try to write this song    To move my life along
  Dm                G   G7    Dm               G
I know what i dream of    I'll save my life for love 

C  Asus2    C  Asus2

C       Asus2                  C
Hidden meanings don't need to hide 
                       Asus2                                 C
(When I hide from the world, you're the one who'll find me) 
C          Asus2                       C
A dormant scream from the world outside
                    Asus2                         C
(If the truth's overdue I know you'll remind me)
C              Asus2                     C 
If the truth police are sniffing out a lie
                       Asus2                       C
(I've done nothing in life I can't put behind me) 
C            Asus2        Em    G
I'll use my life as an alibi 

Dm                              Dm7
Meaning is something I got from you 
G                            G7
Whenever I lost the plot you knew
F                                     C
What is it I haven't got when I've got you 


Dm  G G7   Dm  G G7    Dm  G G7   Dm  G G7

C  Asus2  C  Asus2  C  Asus2  C  Asus2


Dm             Dm7      G       G7
All my life   I've felt so uptight
        F            C
Now its all alright  

(repeat to fade)
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