Tegan And Sara – All You Got tab

This song always makes me think of my sister who just left for college, I don't like 
Tegan and Sara but this reminds me of her...so here goes

*Capo on 2nd Fret* (for both parts, all chords listed are relative)

- main progression (first guitar) -

D Em C De -2----0----0----2----|b -3----0----1----3----|g -2----0----0----2----|d -0----2----2----0----|a -0----2----3----0----|e -2----0---------2----|
- main progression (second guitar) (This is the actual electric guitar riff played on the album version, it works too, and actually works better with the muting parts, but again it doesn't have as full of a sound as the first guitar part) Root 5 power chords
D Em C De -x----x----x----x----|b -x----x----x----x----|g -7----9----5----7----|d -7----9----5----7----|a -5----7----3----5----|e -x----0----x----x----|
- break progression (first guitar) - (just a transition from C -> Em -> C ->Em -> C)
C Eme -0----0----|b -1----0----|g -0----0----|d -2----2----|a -3----2----|e -0----0----|
- break progression (second guitar) Root 5 power chords
C Eme -x----x----|b -x----x----|g -5----9----|d -5----9----|a -3----7----|e -x----x----|
That's it! Enjoy, email with comments etc... Lyrics - All You Got [begin standard progression] here the lights fall just as hard a bit softer in the stall it's not really wrong it's not really right I'm wide awake she's upfront upshot upstart up in every case the kind of girl that whispers thank god for you oh yeah all you got/need is me her confusion is in the night that I stumbled it's in the morning that I that I struggled because I start to forget but she will always remember the kind of girl who laughs and says get up off your knees oh yeah ll you need/want is me [begin break progression] so you come and so you go tell me how hard how fast baby tell me how high I must go tell me what you want and tell me what you need tell me how hard how fast baby how high I must go [return to standard progression] oh yeah well all you need is me this is the time of my life
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