Tegan And Sara - Ive Got You tab version 3

Ive Got You by Tegan & Sara
I absolutely love this song, and cant find tabs anywhere. So I watched them 
perform it on YouTube and saw that they play it exactly like this. The plucking 
may not be right, but the chords certainly are. Hope you like it :)

Standard Tuning. 
Capo 5th Fret

Intro/Verse Chord F Ge|---|---|-x-|---| e|-x-|---|---|---| e|-x-|---|---|---| B|-x-|---|---|---| B|-x-|---|---|---| B|-x-|---|---|---|G|---|---|---|---| G|-x-|-x-|---|---| G|-x-|-x-|---|---|D|---|-x-|---|---| D|-x-|---|-x-|---| D|-x-|---|-x-|---|A|---|---|---|---| A|-x-|---|-x-|---| A|-x-|---|-x-|---|E|---|---|---|---| E|-x-|---|---|---| E|-x-|---|---|---| 3rd
Intro/Verse/Outro|----------3---------------------------------------||----------1--------1-----3------------------------||-------------------2-----4--------4----4----4-----| Repeat until chorus|-------2-----------3-----5--------5----5----5-----||----0---------------------------------------------||-----------------1------------3------3----3----3--|
Chorus Muck around with the plucking. F Ce|-x-|---|---|---| e|---|---|---|---| B|-x-|---|---|---| B|-x-|---|---|---| G|-x-|-x-|---|---| G|---|---|---|---| D|-x-|---|-x-|---| D|---|-x-|---|---| A|-x-|---|-x-|---| A|---|---|-x-|---| E|-x-|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---| These two chords alternate throughout the whole chorus, then you end on a G chord and pluck that; going straight back to the Verse again.
Bridge |----------------------------------------------------||----------------1---------------1-------------------||-----------2----2----0---------0--0-----------------| |-------3--------------------2-----------------------| |-------------------------3--------------------------||----------------------------------------------------|
Repeat until chorus (End the Bridge on a G chord) Whole song: Intro/Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus/Bridge/Chorus/Outro End on an Am Chord
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