Tegan And Sara – Someday tab ver. 2

this is a tab of what i hear when tegan and sara play the song "someday" stripped down
the guitar is much more prominent (just go look up tegan and sara someday stripped on
and take a listen!) than in the recorded version.. i think it sounds pretty cool and its 
easy to play so here goes my first tab ever

tuning: standard w/ capo on 3rd fret

Introe------------------------------|B------------------------------|G-6-------4------2------2------|D-7-(x16)-6-(x4)-4-(x4)-2-(x8)-| X2A-0-------0------0------0------|E------------------------------|
"They yell speak up..." (first verse)e------------------------------|B------------------------------|G-6-------4------2------2------|D-7-(x16)-6-(x4)-4-(x4)-2-(x8)-| X2A-0-------0------0------0------|E------------------------------|
"Might paint something i might wanna..." (chorus)e---B---G-7-D-7- X64A-5-E---
Repeat Intro
"They yell right on, a class act president..." (second verse)e------------------------------|B------------------------------|G-6-------4------2------2------|D-7-(x16)-6-(x4)-4-(x4)-2-(x8)-| X4A-0-------0------0------0------|E------------------------------|
Repeat Chorus x2 "I don't wanna know that you don't want me..." (Bridge)
e--------|B-3------|G-2------|D-4-(x64) X2A-0------|E--------|
Repeat Intro The last four choruses are played two different ways The first, third, and fourth of the last four choruses are played:
e---B---G-6-D-7- X64A-0-E---
The second of the last four choruses goes back to this:
e---B---G-7-D-7- X64A-5-E---
Throughout almost the entire song, the second guitar repeats this piece:
thanks! and if you have any suggestions about it email me (cutronax09@aol.com).. im new this so any feedback would be welcome :)
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